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Treatment of sewage & recycle of it to get reusable water has now been acknowledged & accepted as an economical & commercially viable proposition. Above all, reuse of sewage recycled water is seen as an ecological necessity. This also drastically reduces the rate of depletion of surface and ground waters.. The plants installed are based on the economical & efficient process of Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) . These plants are very compact compared to installations using the conventional activated sludge process/ extended aeration process. Compared to conventional processes the area required is less than 50% & are therefore best suited where space is at a premium. The low cost of treatment makes it the most attractive proposition.

Advantages of MBBR

Process takes advantages of both contact aeration as well as fixed growth system.
Submerged growth sustains microbial growth during adverse conditions.
Due to growth of micro – organisms on the media it will always resist the shock load.
Low sludge production, enhanced mean cell residence time.
System configuration enables better oxygen transfer efficiency, plug flow condition.
No sludge recirculation is required.
MBBR reactors are easy to operate and control, making it user friendly. No MLSS to be maintained.
Low power consumption due to high O2 transfer efficiency.


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