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CONCEPTS offers a range of reverse osmosis plants for purifying brackish & saline water. These are fully skid mounted modular systems for producing low salinity waters. Different systems are available for industrial, institutional & domestic applications with high salt rejection & water recovery. Custom built & standard plants are offered by us.

Principle of Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is the process of transfer of fluid from low concentration to high concentration through a semi - permeable membrane. The fluid transfer takes place because of the concentration gradient between the two fluids. If a reverse pressure is applied to the concentrated fluid the direction of flow is reversed and this is the principle 'Reverse Osmosis' which is used. The membranes used are of composite polyamide material.


Potable Water
Boiler Feed
Sea Water Desalination
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
Process Applications like Juice & Milk Concentration

Turnkey Solutions To Diverse Range Of Water & Waste Water Treatment

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