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Clarifiers are used as pre - treatment units for treatment of turbid waters which are generally obtained from rivers, streams, sea shores & down/ up stream of biological processes in waste water treatment.

Space Efficient tube settlers are offered instead of Conventional clarifiers. Accessories like flash mixers, flocculators & chemical feeding systems are offered as part of the system.

A tube deck clarifier is used for removal of settleable suspended particles in water. Compared to clarifiers these units are more efficient & smaller in size. The smaller capacity units are generally made of steel & the higher capacity units are offered in cement concrete construction. The suspensions are removed by providing a laminar flow with a differential parabolic flow pattern in the hexagonal tube nest which is built inside the unit. The turbid water flows from the bottom of the nest of hexagonal tubes and then rises up. The layer of water closest to the tube walls has velocity closest to zero which causes the suspended particles to adhere to the wall and separate from the carrier fluid. The tubes fitted inside the clarifier are of PVC material of construction and are fitted in bundles. A high efficiency of clarification is achieved by this unit.


Pre - treatment of surface water
Pre - treatment of waste water
Solid - liquid separation

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